Monday, May 20, 2013


Highly Recommended ♥♥♥
Even an explosion of hearts and kisses and butterflies is not enough to describe my excitement for this song.  While I have many silly moments in my life, I am pretty smart for loving a band that constantly produces awesome music for 10+ years!

The music video is in sync with guitarist Hisashi's aberrant brainwaves.

So to enjoy the full song watching the live performance is better >:)  in fact, 最高!

GLAY - 運命論

The new song written by bassist Jiro is mood lifting!
Even though my understanding of the lyrics ends at the "Wo oh oh" part... there is a really lovely guitar bridge in the middle of the song that catches my ears.

Music video from the official channel:

Live performance with lyrics:

GLAY - Eternally

The latest, hottest new song is here ^o^
Thank you for accompanying me through yet another turbulent period.
If there is anything eternal in this world, that is perhaps our bond.
I always believe that.