Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Some random internet commentor confuses "One Direction" with "One Republic"... Haha.  While I like many songs from One Republic, the only song I somewhat know from "One Direction" is "What Makes You Beautiful".  Oh, and the first line from the chorus of "Story of My Life" (That always reminds me of Simple Plan's song under the same name, though)

So... let's give their songs a try today!

One Republic - Apologize

The one song that makes them well known.

One Direction - Night Changes

Two more plugs from the brothers group (?) NEWS and KAT-TUN:

NEWS - One for the Win

Theme song for Brazil World Cup 2014.  Sing-along and announce each country's name!
Seems like the song that NEWS usually performs when they go on end-of-year TV shows.

Tanaka and Nakamaru - One on One

Group "Tanaka"'s collaboration.  I like it.  I am amazed every time Nakamaru does his beat-box sequence.  *____*

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