Sunday, September 27, 2009

GLAY - 夏音 (Natsu-oto)

I can't resist my urge to put the song up anymore =P I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Original PV




君の声が聴こえる 耳をくすぐる響き
照れてる君が好き 夏の音に紛れて
哀しみの微笑みを 喜びの涙を
その一つ一つが 僕の宝物
あの日出会って 見つめ合って
求め合って 恋に落ちた
慰め合って 愛になった そんな日々の跡

夏の星はとても瞬いて 君のはしゃぐ様子が嬉しくて
もっと好きと伝えたかったけれど 言葉にも出来ないまま
夏の音はとても儚くて 君を思い出すから切なくて

君は瞳を閉じて 唇を震わせた
ずっと忘れないでと 言った様な気がした
月は顔を隠して 瞳の深さを増す
見上げた星が今 人知れずに消えた
時はきっと 僕の中 引き出しから君をさらって
あの温もり あの優しさ
あのときめき行かないで どうか行かないで
そっとそっと扉を開ければ あの日あの時と同じで
夏の空は今日も青空で 君を思い出すから嫌いで


好討厭夏天的天空  因為每次都會在藍天下想起你  今天也如此

聽得見你的聲音  在耳邊回蕩  逗弄著我的耳朵
好喜歡羞澀的你  沉浸在夏日的氣息裡

憂傷的微笑   開心的眼淚

那天與你相遇  相互凝視
手指的碰觸 傳遞了愛

彼此需要 墜入愛河
彼此的撫慰升華成了愛情  甜蜜的足跡遍布在每一天

在夏天閃爍的星空下  你歡鬧的樣子像是十分興奮
拼命想要告訴你我對你的愛  卻怎樣也無法從口中說出只字片語
在如此虛幻飄渺的夏天裡   因為常常思念你而痛苦

你閉上雙眼  顫抖著的雙唇
仿佛在說  我永遠也不會忘記
月亮隱藏起她美麗的容顏  瞳孔的顏色逐漸加深
但那種溫暖  那種溫柔  那種悸動是無法抹去的  怎樣也揮之不去
悄悄地打開門  仍與昔日相同  不曾改變

好討厭夏天的天空  因為每次都會在藍天下想起你  今天雖也如此


我的愛情就在這樣的孤寂中長大  化成永恆的寂寞

Natsu Oto (Summer Sounds)

The summer sky is blue again today
I am distracted by it because it reminds me of you

I can hear your voice, like an echo that tickles my ears
I love the shyness on your face, mixed with the sounds of summer
Smiles of sorrow, tears of joy
Each and every one is my treasure

When we met each other on that day, we gazed at each other
And we knew it was love when my fingers brushed yours
Desiring each other, we fell in love
And as we comforted each other, our love deepend
For the remain of those days

The summer stars twinkled brightly
As if they were happy to watch you play
I wish I told you more about how I loved you
But I was unable to put my thoughts into words

The sounds of summer were so fragile
Remembering you is a bittersweet taste
It was my dream to one day
Take all your sorrow away
Back then...

You closed your eyes, your lips trembling
And I felt that you had whispered "Never forget me"
The moon hid its face, deepening the darkness in your eyes
The stars that used to be there  then disappeared without us knowing

I know time has
Stolen you from the drawer inside me
That warmth, that tenderness
That heartbeat - don't go
Please don't go

Memories of us spill
From the dreams of us chasing, playing with each other
If I quietly, quietly open the door
I can see that the summer sky is blue again today
Just like that day, that moment
And I hate it because it reminds me of you
On the last page, which I have to read alone now, it says

"It was love that proved how life could be lived to the fullest"

It's lonely growing up alone
Yet my love will stay like that forever

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