Sunday, October 9, 2016

雖然這不是入EXO坑的順序不過新歌總是要打的啊 - Chen - "Years" & Lay - "What U Need"


So this is supposed to be EDM...
I know nothing about that genre ^^;;;
But Chen's voice alone is enough reason for me to enjoy the song!

Comparing to Monodrama, at least I am able to listen to this song without cringing (too much)...
Pros:  The unique pop quality of Lay's voice, the production value of the song, the dance
Cons:  ......lyrics...... although already much less embarrassing than Monodrama's...^^||| So it's an improvement, definitely.

No, blowing me a kiss doesn't change my opinion :P  I have tough love for groups I truly like :P

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